Data & Information

There are so many different answers to the question of which CRM is the best one to help me grow my business. Together we can work out the key pieces of information that you need to gather in order to identify a sales pipeline and to get to know your customers better. A fully functioning CRM database is useful and very involved. We will look at the best way to gather and keep data on your customers and clients that will help improve your sales.

Previously, I have managed data on excel and enhanced the functionality of the worksheets to best effect - I have also seen complex databases full of duplication and non fit for purpose connections that needed to be completely overhauled. Most will be somewhere in between - get in touch and we can review what you have, what you need and the best way to make the most efficient use of the data you hold.

Mayes Consult can help you with the following on either a regular basis or as a one off set up service:  

  • What does a good CRM look like?
  • Which one will suit you?
  • Market Intelligence
  • Project Intelligence
  • Competition data
  • Market data