Internal Communications

Internal communications are all part of business development. Every employee is one of your valued sales people and they should be empowered to have a conversation with your customer which asks about the next project or sale. Your team needs a clearly defined set of principals on which to operate - it will help them differentiate whats its like working for you over anyone else and will serve you well for future sales and commitment.

Creating core brand values will give you and your team more confidence. This will help their project work and also give them guidelines as to how to talk about the business externally.

With a well run internal tactical communications plan, you can build trust within your business and from there, commitment, confidence and a loyal work force who will help you achieve your goals - and most likely theirs along the way. Get in touch so we can see what this looks like for you.  

Mayes Consult can help you with the following on either a regular basis or as a one off set up service:

  • Staff meetings
  • Internal business updates
  • Creating a valuable brand
  • Motivating teams
  • Building trust